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The Korean Society of Gastroenterology

Welcome all the members and visitor to the Korean Society of Gastroenterology (KSG)! /Chairman Cho Hyun Park / President Dong Ki Lee

Greetings from the President

Dear members

I am honored to be working for the Korean Society of Gastroenterology (KSG) on behalf of its 3,000 members for the next two years.

Founded in 1961, the KSG has grown as a mother society with a long history and tradition thanks to the enthusiastic and dedicated support of all of our members. With the trend of specialization and segmentation, gastroenterology has been subdivided academically. Accordingly, various divisional societies have been formed and academic progress has been made.

Now, we would like to redefine the status and role of the KSG as a mother society of gastroenterology so that the society can bring synergy to development through an integrative approach in gastroenterology research.

First, we will pursue academic integration and excellence according to the mission and vision of the society. Real academic advancements require an integrated approach together with a subdivision of the discipline.
Second, we will strive to provide quality education and training for the gastroenterology fellowship and hospitalists in internal medicine who will become a new career group in the future.
Third, we will enhance the society's status through policy-making of gastroenterology-associated issues including insurance problems. We will also reinforce communication and interaction with nationwide local gastroenterology societies and primary care physicians.
Fourth, we will raise the participation of other associated societies, such as gastroenterology surgeons, so that the society can become multidisciplinary.

I believe that academic integration and advancement in the field of gastroenterology began with the success of Korea Digestive Disease Week 2017 (KDDW 2017), which was supported by the efforts and endeavors of the former president and board of directors. We will ensure that the KDDW is well established in the future and that it will be a place of study for gastroenterology in Korea by being truly helpful to our members and receiving positive feedback.

In particular, APDW 2018 will be co-held with the KDDW 2018 in Korea. Through the successful hosting of the APDW and KDDW 2018, we will take this great opportunity to pursue our internationalization strategy. I will do my best with my board of directors to make the KSG a pivotal figure in the KDDW 2018, through which the academic excellence of Korean gastroenterology will be recognized worldwide.

Two years may not enough time to solve the project and reestablish the role of the KSG. We may encounter some difficulties completing the project during our current term. It is imperative that our dedication be fully and properly utilized in a unified effort to solve the unmet needs of academic research and policy. With the collaboration of eight gastroenterology-related societies in Korea and the active participation of the 3,000 members, we believe that the KSG can overcome these issues.

I would like to express my deep gratitude for members who always try to contribute to the development of the KSG, and request you join us with your affectionate interest and active participation. I wish our members good health and happiness in the future.

Thank you

December 2017

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